Monday, July 16, 2007

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Backyard Appeal

Bluest sky moment,
I paint you as words
spring maple yellow.

Photinia bush
redden my flesh, be my sun,
rain memory has fled.

Mirror of sea,
sky unblemished blue,
sing your song.

Copper fields slip
green to cyan,
oxygen’s funny magic.

Black dog come to me.
Tell me what you fathom
beneath this our common ground.

(Ed Coletti in Blueline vol xxviii)

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My Own Upcoming Readings

SoCoCo - Thurs Aug. 2 - David Bromige, Katherine Hastings, Jonah Raskin, Ed Coletti,
Shannon de Jong, Mark Eckert - Sonoma Coffee Company, 521 4th St, S. Rosa - 7:30 PM

Petaluma Poetry Walk - Sun Sept 23 - Ed Coletti, Richard Denner, David Bromige, Q.R. Hand - Brick's
16 Kentucky St, Petaluma - 6PM

Sonoma Word - Thurs Oct. 24 - Ed Coletti and David Beckman - Poems From the Edge - Sonoma Coffee
Company, 521 4th St, S. Rosa - 7:30 PM

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John said...

very lovely indeed


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your poetry and your point of view! - Nancy

Anonymous said...

See ya at the reading! Enjoy the poem.
So glad to see readings 'round.
We need more of them;
neigh - I,
I need more
of them
and one day will rip a mic, open

--Ray "Stranger, toe-tall" Swaney