Friday, April 13, 2007

SoCoCo Poetry Readings

Come To Poetry Reading Thursday May 3rd 7:30-9PM in Santa Rosa

Ed Coletti will be hosting a Poetry Reading at

Sonoma Coffee Company
521  4 St
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-6323

Ed hopes to turn this into a regular reading series if the venue proves to be a good one. Please come on Thursday May 3d to enjoy the poets and register your vote regarding the future of the series.

Among the readers will be my son, John Coletti who is well-known in New York's Poetry Project at St. Mark's in Greenwich Village. The impressive array of other poets includes Richard Denner, Kathleen Winter, David Beckman, Jodi Hottel, and Ed Coletti, among expected others.

Additionally, should you like to read at future readings, please email

Poetry Reading At the County Dump

Studying English on his break Salvador reads
my poems filled with typos tossed to recycle.

Lying On a Swing in August transports Sal
to the sky and partial respite.

Bologna Station Caffe reminds him
of the Zocolo in Oaxaca Centro.

Quantum Leap confuses him
with its weeping shape.

He can smell the familiar carcasses rotting
Much More Than Roadkill.

"What" easily translates to "Que," but
"Como se dice 'Treatise' en Espanol?

A Treatise On What...
what does it matter why
the pigeon disturbs Coletti?

"Why does this Edward worry
no one will read him?
There is an address,

phone number, email...
should I dare contact him?
Would he become angry?"

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1 comment:

Ray Swaney said...

"Poetry Reading At the County Dump"
I like a lot;
a warm polaroid.

I like poems that seem
a automatic autobiographic
slice'a life
beauty in the details

Makes me think about Corso
advising womb poets,
in his cutting NewYork whine,
"Write about yur life, ma-a-an"


--Ray Swaney