Saturday, April 28, 2007

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Logalalia/Ars Poetica

Dan Waber has initiated a wonderful project and website. By the time many of you read this blog posting, 5 of my (Ed Coletti) poems will have been added to the site. Please take a look at

This is a themed blog (poems about poetry) that will lead to a print anthology. Dan Waber invited five of his favorite poets to send him an ars poetica they'd written along with the names and email addresses of five other poets. He then invited those twenty-five poets to do the same. He then invited those hundred and twenty-five poets to do the same. He then get the picture.

Every poem submitted will appear on this blog, one per day. The print anthology will be published by Paper Kite Press when the editors (Jennifer Hill-Kaucher and Dan Waber) determine that a book length collection of the very best of these poems exists, which, at a poem a day, is likely to take a year or more.

This is not an open call for submissions. The only way to submit is to be invited as a result of a previous submission.

Questions? Send an email to your favorite word, whatever that may be, at logolalia dot com.

Ed Coletti is a graduate of Georgetown University and the Creative Writing Masters Program at San Francisco State University (under Robert Creeley). He is also a Vietnam veteran, fiction writer, vocational rehab counselor and business consultant.

Publication credits include two separate editions of Light Year (Bits Press Anthology), Tucumcari Literary Review, Blueline, Lilliput Review, The New Verse News, Orphic Lute, Kickass Review, InterGalactic Poetry Messenger, Riverrun, Blueline, Parting Gifts, Green's Magazine, Mediphors, Gryphon, The Pedestal, etc. Mr. Coletti is also indexed in Granger's American Poets (Columbia Univ.) and was Sonoma County, California’s Featured Writer.

Information about his book, thawts: selected poems of Edward Coletti, is contained at Between Trellis & Glass was published by dPress April 2006. Bringing Home the Bones, an epic exploration of war, death, remains, superstition, belief, and closure will be published by dPress in June of 2006.

Ed, who also runs his own Round Barn Press, lives with his wife Joyce in Santa Rosa, California and can be reached by email at
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