Monday, March 27, 2006

3 Poems

The Notion of Wings

It’s the notion of
wings, that’s what it is
More like flight the concept
or flying, a verb
Have you ever flown a verb?
Poets and lovers fly verbs all the time.
It’s the exhilaration, that’s what it is
straddling the latest verb soaring
bareback rider rodeoing space
landing with a thud, hard realization
rodeoing now requires redoing.
Shake off the stardust, mount up anew.
It’s the notion of wings and flying the verbs
That’s what it is.


To remember is to reassemble what has fallen apart.
Your father’s attempts to flesh out your mother fail.

He would need to collect her missing parts;
Such recollection is well beyond him.

Instead he looks to you who resembles her
Imagining that you embody her.

It is, after all, a wife he now seeks;
He tells you that you are his wife now.

To you this smacks of the polyandry
When one wife cares for several husbands.

Reminding him about your husband
Fails to impress him since

To re-mind implies recreating a mind long gone.
You have your hands full enough with one spouse

Not to mention with a dependent father
Who seeks such an unwelcome arrangement.

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